Bamboo Panels

Our bamboo panels come in a size of 2450 x 1270 x 19mm, which comes in two colours, natural colour which is white/yellow colour and a carbonised colour which is a caramel/light brown colour. The panels themselves are solid bamboo, not veneer therefore they can be easily moulded to your desired design.

The actual colours themselves are not a stain but simply a solid colour throughout, so if moulding is required you are guaranteed a consistent colour throughout the bamboo panel itself. The bamboo boards will fit perfectly on a CNC machine and therefore are easy to work with in regards to cutting, moulding and assembly work.

Bamboo panel boards simply became our main focus of business highlighting its innovativeness as a material, combined with experience in the cabinetmaking industry, proving its versatility as well as being Eco-friendly and economical. You certainly are not limited to how the bamboo panels can be applied and purposed into furniture, kitchen cabinetry from doors to bench tops, shop fitting applications from panelling, counters and benches, the possibilities are only limited to your imagination and skill set.

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